Otto- What to do?


Otto is a big black cat.  He is a rescue from the streets of New Orleans.  He is long and fit.  He has a triangular head and one tooth sticking out.  He has an exceptionally long tail.  He can leap tall bookcases with a single bound. He is a big baby at heart, a pest, a bit of a bully, a sweetheart, a beautiful boy.  I have a small ethical dilemma facing me, regarding my relationship with Otto.  It is in conflict with my relationship with my husband.

Otto is a give-an-inch-he’ll-take-a-mile cat.  One bit of the bed and he’s in your armpit.  You let him in the bathroom and he’s sitting at the sink, soft-pawing on your face for attention.  And he loves, loves, loves to drink from the bathroom faucet.

I enjoy turning on the water and giving Otto a minute to lap, lap, lap the running water.  It’s a little gift from me to him.  A little moment of calm and happy.  I’m sure parents of toddlers can relate.

But my husband objects.  If we encourage Otto to drink from the sink, he will beg for it.  (This is true.)  He will meow at the bathroom door.  (Also true, and his meow is more obnoxious than charming.) We will cease to have peace in the bathroom.

But he is pretty cute.  And what’s so wrong with enjoying a drink of water?

3 thoughts on “Otto- What to do?

  1. It’s so true that we humans will allow something to happen in the name of peace. It helps when the one involved is cute, too! Fav lines: A little moment of calm and happy. I’m sure parents of toddlers can relate.


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