High Wind Warning, Washington D.C.

HIGH WIND WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 6 AM EST SATURDAY … Northwest 25 to 40 mph with gusts 55 to 70 mph. The strongest winds will be through this evening …

3 hours ago – National Weather Service



I heard it in the night and I heard it in the morning.

I hear it thrashing the tree branches over head and whipping around the corners of buildings.

The wind has toppled metal newstands, trash cans, heavy signs with concrete bases.

It has plucked a living branch full of maple flower buds from a berm tree and tangled it into a dogwood tree in a yard.  It has littered the road, alley, sidewalks, with twigs, bark and chunks of old wood from dead branches broken into smithereens.

A parking lot is closed because one uprooted tree is leaning on another just overhead.

It is the kind of wind that makes you wonder if you should have slept in that room under the big maple, makes you wonder how wet the ground is around the roots, makes you check if gutters are pulled down and to see if pieces of garage roof are lifting up.

In fact, it has been a wind to shut down power in this city, pulling wires and cords down to asphalt.  And to threaten the subway cars where they emerge from tunnels and ride above ground, and on bridges above roads and rivers.  And to stop the trains riding along their stable tracks.

On such a beautiful day, bright sun shining, white clouds scudding across a blue sky.  The wind still roars.

4 thoughts on “Wind

  1. Your description of the wind is so vivid! My family lives in the Northeast. I know they got a lot of snow! My parents are at their condo in SC. I am wondering about the coastline down there, as far as flooding. Mother nature reminds us all of her power with storms like these. Stay safe!


  2. Your post brought back memories of a windstorm when we had to hold on to each other walking home from school and a friend’s little sister almost blew away from us. We, too, had “bright sun shining, white clouds scudding across a blue sky. ” So beautiful. So powerful. So dangerous.


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