My One Little Word is drift

Participants at Two Writing Teachers will recognize the idea, of choosing one little word to reflect upon throughout a year.  Here is a little exploration of my word- drift.




The wooden crate slides off the trawler and smashes into the sea.

Duckies rise up by the thousands and bob, travel currents and waves.

Some travel almost forever, it takes that long for sun and salt to disintegrate them.

Some get beached.  There are so many linear feet of shoreline on our earth.

A very few get found, remarked upon, seen.


A mother wonders what her words mattered, a teacher does the same.

How egregious were our mistakes, can they be forgiven?

What is even remembered? Of all the small deeds,

all the words, what will be found

on the shore of someone’s memory?



3 thoughts on “My One Little Word is drift

  1. I am so wondering what your writing process was to write this 2 stanza poem that I find play yet haunting.I love the image of objects drifting vs words/deeds drifting. And the last line – on the shore of someone’s memory. WOW! Next time we get together, be ready to tell me – did this just come out of the pen fast or did you revise lots? What was your inspiration? No matter your answers, I’m inspired by your poem! I think it is the comparison that makes it so powerful for me!


    1. Playful yet haunting- what a beautiful and original description Sally! Thanks for your comment. Short answer to your question is that I tried to write something about this three times in prose, and since I felt stuck I tried a poem. And for a poem I had to simplify and only crystalize one idea. I have moved from prose to poetry a few times to help me out of a stuck place- I guess because it automatically makes you look for the “hidden gem” and perhaps because you are using your brain in a different way.
      Your comment made me think through this process- thanks for that as well 🙂
      PS- I have a feeling that the last line is not original 😦 I’m sure someone’s said ‘the shore of memory’ before.


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