Going Public

slice-of-life_individualI rush home after school to post my Slice of Life piece.  Then I eagerly look for friends’ icons, to read their pieces.  Some are friends I actually know, have had coffee with, taught with, even written with.  Others I know only through this March challenge, recognizing their little colorful square beside their link for the day.

And I eagerly sit down to write comments.  I start with reading the folks who posted around the same time I did.  Then I look for my particular friends.  Then I look for titles that grab me and pull me in.  I tell writers what resonated with me, and what turn of phrase or line was beautifully written.  I make as many comments as I can, in-between reading comments I receive.  Because I just love knowing that I also have a real, live reader.  And I want to be that responder to others.

Commenting is what makes the SOL march Challenge so meaningful to me.  Our little pieces leave our heads and journals and laptops and they go somewhere else.  They go “public.”  Granted, this is a very warm and welcoming public at Two Writing Teachers.  But they have convinced each of us to put our writing on a blog for strangers as well as friends  to read and comment.  And for me, comments are the reward … for going public.

7 thoughts on “Going Public

  1. Your slice resonates with me. I love reading the different slices, try to leave a thoughtful comment and appreciate all the comments people leave to me. I just wish I had more time to read and get to know other slicers. The community is very warm and inspirational.


  2. I liked reading your commenting strategies and what you focus on in the writer’s piece when you comment. I think it’s helpful to learn how to comment, too. I like the idea of commenting on the writers who sliced near the time you did. I’m going to try that. I also like scrolling through to find the engaging titles. That’s how I found yours 🙂


  3. You always seem to clarify what I have been thinking. Your writing is so clear and specifies the needed information to understand your point. I so look forward to reading your posts each day!!! You propel me to push myself when I write. Thank you for the gift!


  4. My first year I worried about commenting, now, like you, I love it. I look for “old friends” and strangers (friends I’ve yet to make). It has really helped me understand the value of a building a community of writers in my classroom.


  5. WELCOME to our writing community. I hope this month is wonderful for you and that you stay (for years… like many of us)!

    Sally told me about this slice. I’m actually going to be sharing a video about commenting tomorrow in my announcements for tomorrow. May I excerpt this piece? If so, please email me by 7 p.m. this evening so I have enough time to embed your wonderful words in my post for tomorrow. I can be reached at stacey(at)staceyshubitz(dot)com. THANKS!


  6. I could not agree more — the community is the best part of this group. I realized last year that writing 31 slices was made me love the experience so much – it was the relationships I developed through the comments and responses.
    Thank you !


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