Another Life


Instead of getting off the exit toward Costco, let’s

Fly on down the road to some other place

Instead of deciding on a paint color for the laundry room, let’s

Take a canvas and brush out to a rocky riverbank

Instead of stopping at the ATM, let’s

Spend nothing and live on our old clothes and wild roots

And instead of watching tv, let’s

Notice things


8 thoughts on “Another Life

  1. A perfect poem to read on Saturday as I’m making my list of things to do.
    For a moment, I close my eyes, dream of driving fast in that sleek car to a warm outside spot to paint in my old clothes with carrots for a snack. Then I open them and vow to notice more, paint my world with more smiles, be spontaneous more and less materialistic. Thanks for a thoughtful poem on this Saturday!!


  2. On a bright blue sky day with below freezing temperatures this poem lifted my joy!!! I am going to paste it in my bathroom to read each morning for awhile until I live more of the poem and less of the standard ho hum day!


  3. I like the way you formatted your poem to set up the contrast between your reality and your dream. It reminds me that we have choices in all things, even the most mundane. I might have to steal this structure!


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