My Year in Color

I love color, don’t you?


I think about color, choose things by color, and present myself with color.

I love to see people wearing beautiful colors.

This year I have been a drab bird.

Each day, I have mostly dressed all in a single color.

I have brown and black.  I have navy.  Mostly this year I wear gray.


It has been almost a complete year since my mother died.

I think back on the old mourning traditions.  Stay in, don’t do frivolous things,

Dress simply and in dull colors.  I used to think that was an unwelcome requirement,

Now I think it is a relief.  This is what I want.


Perhaps later I will find some burgundy or coral.

Turquoise, lime, or periwinkle.


Today I treated myself to new earrings.

Each earring has one hanging Majorca pearl.

Gray pearls.

But they shimmer with a little lavender, a hint of green.pearl-type-baroque

3 thoughts on “My Year in Color

  1. This was so beautiful – quiet and elegant, like your earrings with the gray pearls.

    I have never thought of dressing in the colors of mourning as a relief, but I think you are right.


  2. I am a kindred spirit when it comes to color. We (the literacy coaches from our district) traveled today from Wisconsin to Ohio. How my eyes drank in the GREEN grass! It was like water to a thirsty man.

    I am sorry for the loss of your mother; that must be so tough. I can see why your clothes might be a reflection your grieving soul. I hope the lavenders and corals and golds will enter your heart again soon.


  3. I love how your writing carries so much meaning. I felt the same way when my father died. I didn’t even want the flowers. The colors were too much to bear.


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