Currently, Friday Evening


Currently, I am `unsure what to write, so trying this format

Currently, I am just back from looking for a reused utility sink at a recycling facility

Currently, I am warming up from their cold warehouse

Currently, I am wondering who will buy their pink, teal and yellow sinks

Currently, I am hungry and awaiting a pizza and wings delivery

Currently , I am less of a vegetarian than I want to be

Currently, I am really looking forward to those saucy wings

Currently, I am thinking of my friend, recovering from hip surgery

Hoping  to be of some help to her

Currently, I am thinking of calling my mom

To ask about her dentist appointment

(if she remembers going)

Currently, I am wondering if I’m ready to post

Looking forward to reading and commenting

Looking forward to writing on the ease of weekend days

3 thoughts on “Currently, Friday Evening

  1. Ha, I like this! It’s a nice way to organize your thoughts and makes even our thoughts about what to write sound more interesting. I think I’m going to tuck this idea away for an I don’t know what to write day. Another good one is “Before that” where you list what you’ve done backwards. 🙂


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