My Favorite Kinds of Light

  • The full moon sending glowing bands through lumped, roiling clouds.
  • Driving down the highway, those rays of sun through clouds that look like you washed the color out of the sky with a dry brush in a watercolor painting.
  • Soft gray morning light as I walk barefoot out my front sidewalk to pick up the just-delivered newspaper.
  • Pink morning rays as I turn out of my alley and face East.
  • The circle of light of my reading lamp, as I sit in my comfy armchair.



7 thoughts on “My Favorite Kinds of Light

  1. I love the combination of different light seen in the sky as well as the artificial light of your lamp. Now you have me thinking HH about light!! I’ll come to life science too!


  2. I love, love, LOVE this. I love all the qualities of light and how you gave such thought to how they are unique and special. Beautiful writing!


  3. Tomorrow I am going to pay more attention to the many sources of light I notice throughout my day. I love these deliberate observations.


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