Top 10 List of Advantages of Aging

10.  That young greasy skin is now dry and you can use all those nice lotions people have been giving you.

9.  You don’t need as much sleep. Sleeping in means 7:30.

8.  Your vision is so bad, it is an easy decision to give up the work of wearing contacts and just stick with glasses. And glasses are way cuter than they used to be.

7. You finally understand why older people do things like bird watch, eat dinner early, and move south for the winter.

6. You finally understand why old people take their glasses OFF to read the menu in the candlelit restaurant, or the fine print.

5. Your children’s bedroom is now-finally-really-your study.

4. You finally understand why great novels are always about death.

3. Your children are charming, intelligent individuals you feel privileged to know. And they do their own taxes.

2. If you’re really lucky… grandchildren!

1. It’s just you two in the house so you don’t have to close the door when you go to the bathroom.



9 thoughts on “Top 10 List of Advantages of Aging

  1. Hahaha! This is fantastic. I wonder how young bloggers will respond. Will they scratch their heads?

    I gave up contacts after I got tired of having to use reading glasses w/ my contacts. What’s the point of that?

    And don’t forget that the Early Burd Special is cheaper, that you can get a lifetime Golden Eagle pass for national parks, and no school fees mean more money for romantic getaways, which is what I’m thinking about as I write this comment from Hawaii!

    Fantastic slice. 🤓


  2. You are correct – I never thought of it that way! There are definite advantages to getting older. We shouldn’t think in negative terms when we think of aging. Thanks for the reminder – and to go find all those face creams I have sitting in my bathroom drawers!!


  3. Encouraging. I am not in this stage yet. I am still not used to be old enough to have reading glasses even though I got them already two years ago. The good thing about getting older is knowing what I want and not letting little silly things bother me.


  4. As someone in the trenches of having a house full of little kids and mandatory 7:30 wake ups (or earlier–not my choice), I adore this piece. Thanks for giving me some things to look forward to!

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  5. In the classroom getting older means that parents are now younger than you and (might) respect your opinions a little more. Being able to say “I’ve done this for 30 years”, comes with a bit of clout…but I’m still looking forward to the bird watching and early dinners–sounds like heaven.


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