Why Santi Writes

I sit at my computer commenting on SOLS, because I love to and so there will be more comments flying about  and I hope to get some more back because I love them!  My husband sits beside me at a different computer, perusing  Facebook.

“Here,” he says, “you’ll like this.”  Annoying, sometimes, but I look over to his screen and I see Santi, the wonderful young son of a wonderful friend of ours.  Santi’s dad  taught our kids to act in Shakespearen plays and to love theater, literature and adventure.  That, however, is another post.

There was a video of Santi, standing at a microphone in a gym in jeans and shirt-tail out.  The text said he was accepting a Scholastic Writing Award.  My husband clicked the arrow, and here is what Santi extemporized at the mic:

 I write because I have a lot of ideas spinning around in my head.  Like clothes in a washing machine.  You’ve got to do the laundry; you’ve got to just take it out of there, put it down on paper.

Yes- he nailed it!  I’m gonna keep on doing the laundry.


3 thoughts on “Why Santi Writes

  1. I love this post. What a wise boy. I’m with you on loving comments, both leaving them and getting them. I’m finding so many blogs I like during this month. I’ve found several to follow, including yours. Thanks!

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