50th Birthday Bash

So, Dave is probably still hung-over from his 50th birthday party.
His wife threw him a big, loud, glorious bash. People from all walks of their lives, from ages-ago high school mates in England, to work colleagues, to their kids, kid’s spouses, and grandkids, to the two bouncers from Redskins park who work near their season ticket seats. Pretty little food bites, each more yummy than the last. Open bar, live band, dance floor. Dave’s wife had celebrated his life so far by…
commissioning a Chihuly-like sculpture, long curly balloons instead of glass,
made vases of giant paper flowers and posters of sassy quotes,
lined the room with arcade games, and a giant lite-brite that guests could play with to create messages,
decorated tables with themes of Dave’s interests, including his own photographs framed, origami scattered,
provided a pack-a-bag-of-candy-before-you-go station (Dove squares to horrid green gummy bears),
commissioned a black and white mural about Dave’s life and interests, with copies around for kids and adults to color in,
Did I mention the photo booth and the tarot card reader?
And… she had created “So you think you know Dave” cards, with trivia questions from his life!!!
Dave himself walked in on the surprise with his own birthday cake (did I mention he is- among many things- a competitive cake decorator?) It was a minion in Redskins gear.
This party shouted life. It said, I am here, I have done things. I have crowd surfed at a concert and broken my leg. I have partied with a future king. I have been held up on Halloween in my Papa Smurf costume. I tried a double black diamond course my first time skiing. I eat peanut butter every day. I drive fast, I sew, I cook, I create, I take risks, I try new things without a net. And I still do and will do more.
This party shouted life.


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