Summing Up

On this next-to-last-day of the Slice of Life writing challenge, I want to write about what this month has brought me…

I have been overextended, stuck to my computer monitor for too long each day, and – like an addict- returning to it at all hours of the day and night, hoping for a “fix”- a comment!

I have neglected my partner and my housework.  I haven’t cooked an actual meal all month.  Somehow we have all survived.

I have been proud and humbled both, as I fulfill my challenge and as I read the writing of others- humbled by their lives, efforts, spirit.

I feel a sense of increasing power as an editor of my writing.  With each day, I wield the blade earlier and more cleanly.  I see when the wrong word sits on the screen and I try to find the right one.  I cut sentences and re-order remarks.   I believe my first drafts are often what my third drafts used to be.

I have tried a few different types of writing.  I need to work on writing dialogue, because I love to read it done well.  I want to get back to my poetry writing.  But I have gotten practice and tried some new things.

I have found many small moments in my life and made them worthy of sharing.  Little pieces, but sometimes mighty.

I am filled with fondness and appreciation for my colleagues at my school who shared this challenge with me, and for those writers I only know from following their writing!  Special thanks to Sally for getting us started and being so encouraging (there’s nothing like sticky dots to help you keep going!)  And I loved meeting eyes with my writing colleagues and we both smiled, thinking without saying, ”Okay, what will I write about today?  Thanks for the reminder!”

So, thanks to Sally, Mary and Scott, and to all who read my work and commented.  Thanks to the teachers who started the whole thing.  Thanks for the encouragement and forced practice!

It’s been a blast.

Tomorrow, a poem.


5 thoughts on “Summing Up

  1. This made me laugh because I can relate to the whole “checking the blog to see if anyone comments” or going back to TWT to read just one more slice and that becomes one more…Too funny you haven’t cooked all month-I think you should celebrate tomorrow with a home cooked meal and write about it!

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  2. Fran – you are very welcome! Thank you you agreeing and sticking with the challenge. I have loved getting to know you more through reading your writing and having you wrote has kept me going. I hope you can stop upstairs sometime tomorrow. The ORANGE parties will be happening at 9, 10, 1:30 and 2:30 and then YOU can add your final sticker!!

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  3. To complete a month’s worth of writing is awesome! And to publicly admit to the “addictiveness” of writing is even more critical – if we as adults, crave responses from real audiences . . . how does that transfer into our beliefs and practices with students? How do they get real audiences? And real comments?

    Congratulations! You will never view writing the same way!!! And that’s a really GOOD thing!

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  4. It has been fun. I’ve enjoyed reading and writing every day. Leaving and receiving comments is the best thing ever, I agree. After tomorrow, we’ll see what’s what!


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