Summer Memory

When I was a child, we would get on a train and travel to Ohio to visit my grandparents on their farm.  They lived in a real log house, with a red pump to provide water at the kitchen sink.  There was a long, splintery porch with a big dinner bell on a pole.  There was a trap door to the attic, where we slept.  There was a rustic corner cupboard where I would get jelly jar glasses to set the dinner table.  And their refrigerator…

…imagine summer days so hot you give up on shoes, even when running on gravel.  No A/C or fan in sight.  As a child, I think I usually forgot about the heat, but once in awhile you remember and so you come on in from exploring and playing and open the heavy old refrigerator door…

… to find the special treats that Grandma and Grandpa stock up on for just these visits.  Cold, cold green glass bottles of real ginger ale on the rack.  And in the freezer- oh, my gosh- frozen Milky Way bars!  Can you imagine anything better?  Not me.  Even after all these years, I can’t.


6 thoughts on “Summer Memory

  1. I remember the red pump at the kitchen sink. We didn’t sleep in the attic, but on the front porch, enclosed but not insulated. In the winter we’d have to pile — as in really pile — on at least 10 quilts to keep warm in the North Dakota winter — 30 degrees below zero. The grandkids would snuggle under those quilts, huddled together to keep warm together. Brrrrrr. Luckily, we mostly visited in the summer time, where, like you, the barefoot days of running in the fields exploring under the blazing sun are still remembered.

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  2. Nothing in the world is as special as gong to visit grandma and grandpa! I went to visit my grandma in my hometown last night and am always just amazed at the memories and how being there takes me right back to my childhood.

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