Grocery Aisle Story

In the grocery aisle, a familiar announcement came over the loudspeaker- “Will the parents of Lucy…”  A beautifully coiffed, silver-haired lady opened her mouth and gave a full throated laugh, and looking at me- a perfect stranger- told me her story –

Years ago, her son (now 45) got lost in Rodman’s.   I knew just where she meant- an old two level store tucked into an office building.  We all love Rodman’s warren of aisles because they cram in everything from wheelchairs to wine. Her little brown-haired boy, she gestured to show a small child’s low head, got lost from them while exploring the store.  The ubiquitous announcement came on- “Will the parents of Amy…”

She was laughing.  I said, “Amy, that’s you?”  “No,” she said, “Amy was the little girl he was so smitten with at the time.  We knew right away it was him!”

I laughed with her as I imagined the lost little boy, upon being asked his name, answering with Amy!

Ah, how our identities become linked with those of our beloved…

10 thoughts on “Grocery Aisle Story

  1. What a great story! At first, I was startled by the “Will the parents of Amy…” and read on. A delightful close to the story – and yes, your analysis – our identities closely tied to those we love and who love us. Just a beautiful way to start my week! Thank you.

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  2. Loved your title – drew me in immediately! Such a great story and I love how she shared it with you and now you with us. The power of story!

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  3. I know Rodman’s well and can easily imagine losing your child in that quirky place. It’s funny how the woman felt so free to tell you her story – and that you were there to listen to it (she couldn’t have picked a better person to tell it to). It’s a “found” story. It makes me wonder about the many other stories hidden in that place – both the stories of the people who work there and the clientele.


    1. You’re right- quirky is just the word for Rodman’s, and I’ll bet there are a thousand stories there! I often wonder about all the immigrant cashiers who seem to know each other, for one thing.


  4. Just proves that everyone has a story to tell to someone who is willing to listen. What a cute story. Glad she shared with you and you shared with us.


  5. How many times have I wanted to ask someone I didn’t know what they were laughing at… But mostly I just smile and keep walking. It’s obvious that I’ve missed some great stories.


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