Two Good Teacher Stories

612lvoof7hl-_sy355_I just got back from an evening professional development opportunity, with a focus on language learning.

Story #1- The presenter was making points about pre-teaching select vocabulary to enable reading comprehension and the ability to make inferences.  She told about observing a high school discussion of a novel, where the character, upon finding out her husband has been unfaithful, retires to the bathroom and ‘splashes her face with toilette water.’ As you can imagine, an uproar ensued.  (The teacher continued on without teaching the new term, but was advised later that she needed to stop and explain!)

Story #2- One high school science teacher at my table was telling how sometimes kids answer a question with ‘God’ or ‘Jesus.’  A shortcut/evasion, or a bit smart-alecky for “I don’t know.”  Another teacher (who I know to be quite religious) laughed and said, “Yes, Jesus is the answer- to everything in Sunday School, but this isn’t Sunday School.”  The first teacher cheerily said, “You know what I tell them?  I say, ‘Faith without work is dead.’”  That sent the second into peals of laughter.  (If you don’t know the phrase, google ‘Faith without works is dead’!)

Maybe you had to be there.  But I enjoyed my two good stories at the end of a long teaching day.

4 thoughts on “Two Good Teacher Stories

  1. Loved both stories, but #2 really gave me a laugh. When one of my students say “Oh God!” I ask them if they are praying. I think I like these other comments better. I get know the phrases well and may have to steal them.


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