Practice Makes Better

This is my fourth Slice of life challenge, and I have seen how practice makes better.  By writing every day in four Marches, soon I will have completed 124 pieces that I wouldn’t otherwise have written.  And I know I am improving as a writer.

Daniel Pinkwatter wrote about a year he challenged himself to creating a woodblock print each day. (If you don’t know Daniel Pinkwatter, find out.  Funny writer for both adults and children.)  That idea intrigued me.

So, if I have one month a year of practicing my writing, what if I chose something I want to get better at, some other good habits, for each of the other 11 months?  Here is a list of potential endeavors (some more serious than others):

March- Write and post a “Slice of Life” piece of writing each day, and comment on others’ writing.

April- Floss every day. (I need a break after March’s efforts.)

May- Read a poem every day.

June- Listen to a new piece of music every day.

July- Pull a weed every day.

August- Do something unplanned every day.

September- Maybe here is where I try those woodblock prints, except linoleum is easier so I’d use that.

October- Play with the cat every day.

November- Organize/cull a drawer/surface/closet every day.

December- Write a friendly or loving card every day.

January- Listen to an interesting podcast every day. (My husband has this comfy pair of headphones.  I can wear them and hear my podcast broadcast from my phone.  The reason this is helpful is that with the headphones I can hear while I do noisy things with my hands- wash dishes, cook, walk about, even vacuum! )

February- Discover a new adjective every day.  That will serve me well in…


Note: this image is from a workshop by Amanda Gordon Miller.

I wish it were mine 🙂

26 thoughts on “Practice Makes Better

  1. What a wonderful idea. I am going to come up with my own. The adjective a day is something my fourth graders can do. I agree “practice makes better” or make things a little easier.

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  2. It’s quite impressive when you add up all the writing you’ve done for the past 4 years in the month of March! I enjoyed your list and had to laugh at a few of your ideas. But you make a good point about what we can accomplish by sticking to something for an extended period of time – and I would love to see your linoleum prints.

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  3. This is a very cool list! It made me smile, and while I secretly harbor some ambition to try something like that myself, I also know… I struggle with follow-through and would have to seriously modify.

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  4. This is my fourth year as well! I hadn’t ever stopped to add up all the posts, but I know that my first year of participation is what kickstarted my writing. I love your calendar of ideas and will definitely be considering my own version. Flossing every day in April sounds ambitious after the past two months! lol

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  5. I love the idea of focusing on just one thing, just for a month. I never thought about applying our March pursuit to other creative tasks (and chores). Makes them seem less daunting! Thanks for the idea!

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  6. Heeheehee – I love the idea and admire your enthusiasm and planning and all of the good things, but it’s 9:21 pm at the beginning of a long weekend and the end of another long (though short) week. I just got the kids down and finally opened my computer, so I freely admit that I mostly just giggled at April – possibly more than once. 🙂

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