A Bigger Pond…


Scene: A gathering (to meet an author)  among neighbors.  Spoken over the wine, cheese and macadamia nut chocolates.

Conversation veered to my and another’s recent Grand Jury Duty.  Everybody groaned at the idea of jury duty, but then we talked about some positives…

Me: It was really interesting to be with 22 other people that you would probably never have met.  Together in a room for five weeks, from 9:00 to 5:00.  We had serious business but we also had down-time to get to know each other.  People from all parts of the city, not just my corner.

Sophisticated woman in modern jewelry: That reminds me of when I had Driving School!  I had done something wrong and they would take it off my driving record if I went to driving school.  I met all kinds of people.  I really enjoyed it.  My friends sometimes asked me what I was doing that night and I would happily say, “I’m going to Driving School.”  I realized that I really enjoyed the people there.

Sophisticated woman continuing: We do tend to stay in our, what? Our silos and just know the same kind of people as us, directly around us.

Me: Wouldn’t it be good if there were more opportunities to do that?  To meet people you wouldn’t meet normally?  What other chances could there be, ha ha,  besides jury duty and driving school?!

What do you think?  You know the expression, ‘a big fish in a little pond?’ Here we liked being thrown in a bigger pond for a little while. Can you find a bigger pond? Do you have ways you get to know people that are different from you, think differently?  Let me know- I’m really interested!

4 thoughts on “A Bigger Pond…

  1. So funny to read your post – today I got a jury duty notice – just the one day, one trial thing, though.
    I am not good about going outside my comfort zone – it’s much easier to be thrown into the pond. I tend to be a follower, not a leader. I’ll be interested to see what others say and to see what I can learn about swimming into the pond of my own accord.


  2. I’ve been interested in the idea of social and behavioral silos for a few years. As I am reading and learning more about brain science in an effort to be a better mom of a child with ADD, we gravitate toward what is familiar- even if it’s unpleasant. I certainly see that in myself! I sometimes miss a former workplace just because I knew what to expect, even though the expectations were pretty awful and pretty accurate. I wonder how that plays on with getting outside our comfort zones in meeting people and in the whole idea of introvert/extrovert personalities. Interesting and thought-provoking post!


    1. Thanks for your thoughtful response!
      The thing about my two examples is that they are both required- introverts don’t have a choice, everybody has to go. Opportunities we might choose are a different matter… I agree that we gravitate toward what is familiar even sometimes when it is not great. It is hard to go out into the unfamiliar.


  3. I am a total introvert and am not good at putting myself in positions where I don’t know at least a couple other people well. About 10 years ago, I got an invitation from a neighbor I didn’t know well to join a book club. I forced myself to go and have never been sorry. It took about a year before I felt really comfortable, but now I wouldn’t miss it. I’m still waiting for the next opportunity to show up because, unfortunately, I probably won’t go looking for it myself. Maybe I should volunteer for grand jury duty?

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