My husband and I sit at the computer screen.  It is 9:00 in the evening.  We are looking at our daughter and Jonah, her 4 year old.  Behind and around them teeters little Holly, with the wide weaving stance of one who has just learned to walk. It is 9:00 in the morning in their part of the world.  It is our Friday night and their Saturday morning.  We are fading, they are anticipating.

Our daughter holds her phone in one hand and tilts it here and there for us to see.

Jonah, show us your dress ups!  Which is your favorite?  Ohhh, nunchuks- just like a ninja!

Holly Bolly, where are you?  Peek a boo!  Look at you.  Look at that belly, pretty girl!  I didn’t know you have an outie belly button!

Jonah, which book do you like the best now?  Show us. Little Robot- what a cute robot!  Which book do you read to your sister? Oh, I remember Blue Hat Green Hat.  Does the turkey make Holly laugh?  Your mommy used to laugh at that book too, did you know that?

Sweet Holly you found an old balloon.  Careful, don’t eat it- give it to mommy.  Oh, that bathroom door was left open?  Don’t go in there, stay with us.  Aw, are you hugging Froggy?

Jonah, we love your robot watch.   Does that mean a robot wore it?  Just kidding! You took it to school show and tell?  For “W” day? Wow!  Did your friends like it?  What did they say?

Holly Bolly, are you finding out what’s in that trash can? 

The perspective shifts and Jonah’s face looms large filling our screen.  The tropical sun streaming in their windows shines through his ears, his eyes are smiling at us.

Jonah, is the phone on the floor?  That’s tricky.

Our daughter says something from the edge of things, and Jonah calls over his shoulder,

Mommy, I’m talking to Grandma and Grandpa!

Our hearts sing.1200px-thailand_usa_locator-svg

4 thoughts on “Communication

  1. Fran, I’m so excited that Holly can walk now! And so glad that you can keep in visual contact with your family – you captured the distracted way of talking to the little ones so well, and your pride in them.

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  2. FaceTime is such a blessing. Imagine what prior generations experienced while waiting weeks and weeks for handwritten letters. Handwritten mail would still be nice to receive, too, but a few minutes live is amazing!


  3. This post made me giggle. Video calls are not like being in the same room, but they sure are better than the alternative. What a blessing that Jonah recognizes what is important–talking to Grandma and Grandpa.


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