March 31st and I Find I Have New Friends

Okay, first I have to say my computer screwed up my dates on my blog but honest- I posted well before midnight every day!  It matters to me because I love this challenge and embraced it and I want you all to know I kept to the rules and made it. I think my computer is full of virus but I couldn’t take it in to be checked during March, duh.

Here are my stats: In 31 days I wrote 3 poems, 4 times about my mom, 4 school stories, 15 genuine memoir pieces, and 6 miscellaneous topics. I don’t know why that adds up to more than 31 but I’m not going to waste time figuring it out.

Here’s what surprised me about this, my third year participating:  I made new friends.  I got to know Adrian and Aggie and Mrs. Surridge and Onathought.  And Ms. Pesta, Writingandwondering and Fran and Fran.  I kept in touch with Sally and got to know her daughter Ann.  I met Sally’s colleague John and enriched my relationship with her old friend she shared with me, Marilyn.  I adore Dana’s two girls and wish I could cuddle Stacey’s baby.  I grieved with Mary Ann and saw the healing power of artistic expression alive in her.

I met Brian and am a bit jealous, I admit, that he can see his kids off, get another cup of coffee and then sit down to write.  While it’s still morning.  I also envied those of you who are on Spring Break before me.  But then again, I had spring weather while many of you were still wading in gray slush. I know because you told me.

I’ll be honest- I don’t particularly care for number poems, spine poems, or six word stories, but then, we all need some novelty to get us putting words on the page, sometimes.  And I do like finding out about your families, your pets, your students, your teaching successes and failures, and your favorite recipes.  And your worst days.

Many of you with the goofy icons, I don’t know your age, race or gender, but I know your many other identities through reading what you care about.

I’ll be honest- your honesty moved me, inspired me, taught me, and made me laugh. Honestly.

Thanks for being my friend in this process, thanks for being my safe community, and especially thanks for reading and commenting on my fledgling pieces teetering on the edge of the nest.

Thanks, Two Writing Teachers and friends.



8 thoughts on “March 31st and I Find I Have New Friends

  1. You share your gratitude so precisely here! So well written!!
    I am so grateful our writing paths crossed in person, first and now continue in this space and also monthly in person. It is truly an honor to write with you and I know I am better for it. I wish I could celebrate with you in person like we did 3 years ago, watching that Wizard of Oz scene and you mentioning how you looked each day for a story and it felt like the scene outside Dorothy’s window. That thought and image still stay with me, along with the image of those orange roses you kindly brought me. YOU are a gift to me. Thank you. Happy YEAR 4!!!


    1. Sally, I feel the same way about knowing you and writing with you. I wish we could celebrate together too– I’d love to be with your class, do something orange 🙂 Looking forward to our next meeting.


  2. Thank you for reading my slices. Your reflection is beautiful and I’m so glad you enjoyed this challenge. I crave this challenge each year. Looking forward to next March already!! I hope you will join us on Tuesdays…I am looking forward to slicing on Tuesdays this year. 🙂


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