A Spring Smell

I was walking home rather late today, and the sky had that beautiful dark cerulean blue color with even darker blue clouds scudding across it.  The air was still soft and mild after the warmth of an early spring day.

I passed by a yard I always pass by, but tonight, suddenly was assailed by a strong fragrant smell.  I looked and saw the small white flower clusters blooming on a bush.

Instantly I was my six year old self in our old backyard, walking amongst what I called the snowball bushes.  Behind me was the little log play-cabin I loved, and inside it were the rough-hewn benches my grandfather had made for me to use as table and seat.  I remembered the patch of orange day lilies and the weeping willow, whose fallen switches I used to pick up to use as a jump rope.  I could imagine my dirty bare feet in the clover, dodging bumblebees.

What smell evokes childhood for you?  Maybe you will encounter it by surprise as I did this evening.


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