Who Do You Share Your Writing With?

We are in an unusual situation.  In order to participate in the March writing challenge for the first time three years ago, I had to start a blog.  I never would have imagined myself as a blogger and I still don’t.  But  they say, “to be the (noun), first do the (verb.)  So if I blog, am I a blogger?

I link my writing to the Two Writing Teachers site and you-all have access to my work.  But who else?

Most bloggers want to disseminate their writing as far as possible, to as many readers as possible.  They want their follower count to rise and rise.  I also love to have you-all following my blog- I consider it the highest  compliment.  But who else knows I write a blog, who else might follow me if they had the chance?

I have given a link to a family member, when I wrote something about them.  Of course once they have one piece they have access to the whole site.  I haven’t heard that anyone just kept on reading! I have mentioned it to friends and waited… no, they didn’t ask for the address.

Then I also consider- if I let ______________ read my blog, have I written anything that would offend them?  Or that would shock them?  Or have I just left them out?   Do bloggers  worry about that that?  What about other kids of writers?

Who are your readers? Who else do you invite to your blog?397608347-prismatic-question-mark-fractal-2-no-background


13 thoughts on “Who Do You Share Your Writing With?

  1. I am a Luddite, with no real knowledge of how to make technology work for me. I haven’t invited anyone to read my blog, but I know that you can link your blog to twitter and facebook which would give you a larger audience. If we blog, we are making our thoughts public, so there’s no use in worrying about offending anyone. Think of Jimmy Breslin, the columnist whose death was announced yesterday. He won prizes for his columns and stories and offended plenty of people I’m sure. Don’t let that stop you.

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  2. Blogito ergo sum! I have linked my blog to Facebook and joined Twitter so I could link it there, too. I also put a link to my blog in the signature line of both my personal and school emails. I get most comments from TWT, but I get a some on Facebook, and an occasional retweet.

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  3. I find that is the difficult part–sharing my blog with those that know me. I think it may be due to the criticism and to my confidence with my writing ability. I have shared it with my niece and nephew since I wrote a bit about each. I haven’t shared it with any of my friends, though. Curious thought.

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  4. I am SO glad you ask these questions. I write under my middle name, but my coworkers use my real name in the comments so there goes that:) I often wish I had more anonymity- mostly for humor purposes. I am so very torn on all of this. Some of my coworkers tweet out the link to their slices but I think I am just going to keep my posts about how “I am not at the grocery store to find a date, I just want my Totino’s pizza rolls, thank you very much” off of my twitter account:)

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  5. Yes, like you I blog but don’t think of myself as a blogger. I could have written every single word of your post today! I share my blog with my family when I post something about them, just as you do, but don’t really think they check back other than that once. I don’t talk about blogging (except with my class) at school – I doubt more than 3-4 people at school even know I have a blog, and that’s FINE with me. I went to a teacher-blogger retreat last weekend and someone asked how many “followers” I have and I replied that I honestly don’t know, and I really don’t care. That puts too much pressure on me to be “profound,” as my mother once commented when writing a little note in a book she had given me. I am ok to be anonymous, or mostly anonymous. For now that’s the way I like it…so please, don’t go off and look me up – ha ha!

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  6. When I set up my blog a year ago, I asked someone to give me feedback on it. This person said: “Who’s your target audience? What’s your niche?” I said, “I just want to write. It’s reflective for me. I am not trying to target anyone.” Those of you I’ve met here at TWT have been an incomparable gift, with your love of writing!

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  7. Great question and great conversations!

    When I first started this, I was not sure who my audience even was. I was writing to write. I’d linked my blog to my Twitter and Google+ accounts, but beyond that, I never even thought about it. But, as time has gone on, my audience is my PLN: gardeners, coaches, educators, parents, family members, whoever want to read the dang thing! 🙂 I’ve sent blogs I’ve written to many different people because I want them to know I cared enough to write what I felt and tweet it out to the world.

    Honestly, my audience (and yours) should be those people who care about the topic, care about writing, or care about us. I’m not a writer, as the 9 people who follow me will attest to, but it’s a lot of fun, and while I threaten to stop, I don’t see it happening! 🙂

    Oh, and I’m now following your blog too! 🙂 Thank you for sharing what a lot of us feel!


  8. I share with TWT and that is where comments come from. I link to my Facebook page so I know there are friends who see it. They don’t comment but it came up in conversation not long ago so I know some of them are reading it. I also sometime share before I post with my husband seeking his idea or if my post makes sense. I don’t seek out readers – I figure it goes where it goes.


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