My Two Favorite Hacks


The way language constantly adapts is a joy.  And I am old enough to appreciative the innovative new word, hack.  Back in the day, it meant someone who couldn’t do their job well (as well as to roughly chop, to cope, a horse ridden for pleasure, a board to dry cheese on, a board to dry bricks on, and of course- computer hacking.)  But I digress.  Because, as I said before, I do love language.   Of course I am now talking about the new meaning of a life hack- an inventive short-cut or multi-use or adjustment of something else to solve a common problem.  There have always been clever ways to solve everyday problems, just ask Heloise.  But by lifting up the idea of a hack, somehow it seems some really clever ideas get spread.

I will now share with you my two favorite hacks.

Hack Number 1- THE CAMERA STAND.  Take a look at your digital camera.  On the bottom you will see a hole with screw threads so that it can be put into a tripod.  For family photos indoors, do this:  Find a lamp about the right height and unscrew the finial off the harp (I had to look up the specific lamp language.)  You can now screw your camera onto the lamp.  Adjust to the right height, set the timer on your camera, and voila- family photos.  (They will make fun of you for making them all get in the photo but you will be glad you did.)

Hack Number 2- REPLACING THE DUVET COVER. My husband surprised me with this one just today.  Replacing the duvet into the cover- like a gigantic pillow case- is cumbersome and annoying.  And it never seems to get evenly distributed no matter how you try to shake it out. Well…

Turn the duvet cover inside out and lay it over the duvet as it is spread on the bed.  Starting at the bottom, roll up the duvet and cover.  When you get to the top, button the duvet cover closed.  With just a little adjusting at the edges, you can unroll the roll and the duvet is inside the cover, perfectly distributed.  Miraculous!

The butter softening idea in the picture I just found today to illustrate my post, but I think I might just love it.  So there’s a bonus- hack number 3.

I hope my faves might make your life easier too.  Have any to share with me?



16 thoughts on “My Two Favorite Hacks

  1. I find that I just can’t pass up ‘click bait’ HACKS on social media. I ask myself, “What do they know that I need to?” The internet has made everyone a potential wise-old grandparent with tips, tricks, and hacks for a better life. Love your post and I am going to use your hacks!!

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  2. The duvet cover!!! Thank you.

    Also, I love how language adapts and evolves. The examples, like ‘hack’, of a pejorative being repurposed, reclaimed with a more positive connotation fascinates me. What else can we repurpose?

    In my family, those hacks have been called ‘cooler handles’ for generations…On one fishing jaunt, my grandfather found himself stranded in the middle of the lake as weather was rolling in. He needed a wrench for the motor, but all he had was his lunch in a cooler (back then the handle was not the entire lid). He pried off the handle and voila! A cooler handle wrench. He made it back to shore before the worst of the storm. You just never know what might work.


  3. nice – love a good hack
    butter hack concern – will the boiling water crack the glass?
    When I make ice coffee with hot coffee and a glass of ice
    I put in a knife before I add the hot liquid


  4. I loved your post today. I was familiar with the duvet, but not the butter or lamp/camera. I am looking forward to which will be applied first…My money is on the butter 🙂 Thank you for writing this. While light and airy on a Sunday you filled us with useful information!!!!


  5. Love these! That butter one is just genius…how many times have I tried to “soften” butter & have ended up “melting” it…and had to start over!


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