Pathways of Desire


I took today’s writing advice to heart and took one phrase from my writing yesterday, to build upon today.  It also reminds me of Katherine Bomer’s “hidden gems”- in all the dreck, find a hidden gem (my paraphrase!)

Now, for complete disclosure, my hidden gem phrase is borrowed from architects and landscapers who notice trodden paths where they neglected to put paved paths.  The pathways of desire, where we need to travel.  I have always loved the phrase.  Here’s a try at a poem:


Pathways of Desire


The hard winter earth reveals little

as we walk, head down, chin in scarf, gloves in pockets,

inserted into ourselves

but today a fresh snow reveals

pathways of desire-


the shy city rabbit’s foray from the briar-y bank

the squirrel looking for a cache

the little wren searching for an old seed

under the snow, footprints barely mar


The commuters crossing at their

shortcuts, rushing to get somewhere

on time, and the children

finding their little slope

to slide down.


7 thoughts on “Pathways of Desire

  1. That’s truly gorgeous. The first thing I saw when I looked out the back door window was paw prints in the new snow. Clearly a critter ( a neighborhood cat, I believe) desired to cross my path. I first became familiar with the term “pathways of desire” last winter. I mentioned to a colleague that customers walk through the shrubbery in front of my Trader Joe’s even though there isn’t an official path there and he mentioned that it’s an actual thing!

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  2. I paused at the phrase, “inserted into ourselves,” and then smiled when I realized that exactly describes what happens when walking in bitter cold. Your writing is breathtakingly beautiful.

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