Lucky 13


Teaching is HARD.  And sometimes good people get discouraged.  So I am using the 13th day of the SOL challenge to think of 13 GOOD teaching moments:

  1. When you give everybody a few extra minutes to complete an old assignment, and the kid who was absent completes it from scratch.
  2. … and a child who you didn’t think was particularly on top of it helps him.
  3. When the hard of hearing child hands you her new personal microphone, and all of a sudden she is raising her hand to answer questions.
  4. When JT sat in his chair and never once fell off, crashed it, lay on it, or left it to bother somebody, the whole class long.
  5. When you remember to praise the kid who falls apart every day JUST BEFORE he starts to despair
  6. …and he is able to listen to you, accept help, and use it.
  7. When you think of a connection to help learning and half the class goes “Ahhhh…” as in, “I get it now.” (For me, when I was trying to teach what a coastline was, it helped to ask if they had heard of the Coast Guard. They GUARD the COAST.  Ahhhh…)
  8. When you have to teach a lesson away from your room, using another teacher’s technology, and you get the unblock to work so you can show your excellent you-tube video, AND you successfully transferred a powerpoint via your memory stick AND IT ALL WORKS, BEFORE THE CLASS FALLS APART.`
  9. When you have recess duty and a kid lingers to chat about what they used to be afraid of and now they’re not (well, not as much.)
  10. When G. annoys you by running up to you in class to show “how much I wrote” but then you think in time- OMG we thought she’d never learn to write and now look at her! And you are warm and appreciative and you are really happy and want to email her first teacher at your school (who moved away) and tell her how well G. is doing.
  11. When you let that kid go to the bathroom after the other one and regret it but then the first one comes back and then so does the second one, really quick, and they get right back to work.
  12. When a kid is ALL EXCITED` to show you where they found in a book JUST WHAT YOU ARE TEACHING THEM!
  13. When you get to the end of your toughest scheduled day and you feel that you were warm and kind and only raised your voice a few times. And you are not crying.  And maybe tomorrow will be a snow day.

6 thoughts on “Lucky 13

  1. Excellent choice of topic and excellent points to celebrate, all! Seems to me many of these have to do with trusting students to make the right choices. #3 struck a chord, reminding me of the book Out of My Mind … a student who has been unable to communicate suddenly being able to. The things we take for granted …


  2. The bathroom! I can relate to that one. It’s better now that I back to being the only adult in the room. A few of them were tag-teaming and they were up to no good! This is a good list – a good reminder to look for the good in each day.


  3. You made a great list. I can tell you really care about your kids but you’re right teaching school is hard. Sounds like you know how to make the best of it – or at least how to remind yourself to make the best of it! I love 1 and 2, by the way!


  4. Fran, you are a good friend! I felt like you wrote this for me, especially. I love all 13 but #12 the best!! I had a lovely Sunday cooking and a fun Monday all day!! And now as the snow falls, my fingers are crossed hoping to get a break tomorrow. But if not or on Wed, I will be on the look out for those GOOD moments and start to focus on them. That is something I can do! Thank you for sharing this today.


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