My Favorite Kinds of Light, Part II

  • The way white clouds in a rich blue sky look as if they are lit from within
  • The soft diminishing light of dusk that tells you to turn around on the trail so you can return home before it is too dark to see the path
  • The strong circle of task-lighting from my lamp on a snaky silver pole, that lets me see my close work so clearly
  • The spreading morning light coming in big high-rise apartment windows, by which I read the first storybook of the day to my grandson
  • The rim of sharp, bright light around the rectangular airplane window, that shows that you have traveled through the night and into the next day on Earth.

13 thoughts on “My Favorite Kinds of Light, Part II

  1. I love the slant of light that occurs when days lengthen. Natural light and shadows make me happy. When I walk in the woods it is all about light and shadows….and the new green of ferns just unfurled. Thank you for this.


  2. This is beautiful. It’s got my pondering now…what are my favorite types of light? I believe I’ll be looking with a different eye for awhile!


  3. Travel….such a wonderful way to look at the world! I love how you chose one gift and shared the power of it. I was particularly moved by high rise apartment windows. I felt warm and strong at the view! Thank you 🙂


  4. So lovely. My dad, a professional photographer, used to refer to “sweet light” in the morning and late afternoon. Naming it allowed me to always notice and appreciate it, which is the same effect of what you’ve done here.


  5. Gorgeous list and gorgeous photo. I was trying to pick my favorite on your list, but after reading it again I decided that I loved them all.


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