Honduran Landscape

Hills eroded into deep ridged gullies

Soil yellow-gray or red

eroded concrete, dusted with litter of plastic water bags, thin-skinned cellophane

food wrappers, disintegrating plastic bags of trash

Bold green turkey spreading its tail fan

Vultures by the margin, a hawk soaring above the hills

Lean sandy-colored dogs, round puppies

Multicolored chickens, small cattle, miscellaneous goats, white horse tied by the road

Large trees hung with mosses, sprinkled with spiny air plants

Palms wide leafed or fringed, pines dot the hills

Giant aloe growing perpendicular in the cliff-side

A startling bouquet of red-as-red amaryllis trumpets pop out of the soil

Homes nestled and perched on roadside, hillside drop-offs

made of- sticks and tarp, or split wood walls, cinderblocks, unpainted and gray or

Cinderblocks painted green, turquoise, goldenrod, rose

Well-to-do brick, and stucco, all topped by corrugated metal roofs

Fences of barbed wire strung along posts of cut thin-trunked trees

Stands by the road selling

Pottery roosters, turtles, jugs and pots, wire birdcages

Bananas, coconuts cut for drinking, papaya,

Smoke from a cooking fire, pot steaming by the road

Elote-Corn on the cob- boiled, hanging from a clothesline in plastic bags

Elote loco- corn smeared with mayonnaise, hot sauce, jalapenos

Dusty bags of dust, rocky piles of rock, bulldozers

shaping the rocky walls as the road cuts through the hills

Blue-gray hills in the distance, yellow and red when the soil is opened

Bright shorts and tees strung along clotheslines

A little naked boy watches our bus go past


4 thoughts on “Honduran Landscape

  1. Your are living as a writer, noticing and then using the precise words. As the reader, I saw it all!! Enjoy your time with your daughter!!


  2. I LOVE this long list of things you’re passing (or have passed) on your bus trip. It took me right back to my own long bus trips in Thailand, India, and Nepal back when traveling meant more than going to get groceries with my kids. I really enjoyed your observations and hope you are burning holes in your notebook (or laptop?) with all the writing you’re doing. Get it all down!


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