On the Eve of Travel


Short slice today, because I have to organize the cat food and kitty litter, find appropriate chargers for various electronics, and ……pack.  Tomorrow my husband and I fly to Honduras to visit our daughter living there.  And by the way, if I become an irregular post-er this coming week, it is not because I am not writing, it is because I don’t always have internet access.

Now, I imagine I am not the only traveler to feel some trepidations on the eve of a trip.  There are two ways to think about travel, as I see it.

I could worry about catching dengue fever, chickungunya, or Zika viruses, or

I can just put on my mosquito repellant and remember you can get sick anywhere.

I could fret about the frustrations and uncertainties of being where you are not near fluent in the language, or

Trust in the kindness of others, and my daughter’s excellent interpretation skills, AND just keep learning the darn language, why don’t I?!

I could ponder that no way would I be visiting Honduras if my daughter wasn’t there, or

Rejoice that I will be in a Central American country in time to see some Holy Week traditions, be glad that I will have an authentic experience that tourists don’t get, and be thrilled at the prospect of visiting the Mayan ruins at Copan, which is only possible because I am visiting my daughter while she is living in Honduras.

I could feel guilty that I haven’t been the mother she should have, having been a poor communicator and hardly sent any care packages during this lonely and tough time for her, or

Look forward to all the love, love, love and joy of being together with her soon!


4 thoughts on “On the Eve of Travel

  1. Your misgivings and worries do you credit – but your argument is excellent. Go – have a wonderful time and enjoy your daughter. I enjoyed this post very much!


  2. Soon you will be there enjoying yourself, and all your worries will be over. I know, because the day before a trip is always awful for me, and I’m leaving in a trip tomorrow so I’m having another regretful “why did I plan this trip?” Kind of day


  3. The prep is terrible, but how can you NOT go? Especially because is sounds like you will have your own tour guide. Have an amazing time!


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