Flight of Fancy

I was walking home from work, but I had stopped at the drugstore first.  As I walked, wearing practical weatherproof coat and walking shoes with old-lady inserts, brown backpack plus nylon shopping bag over a shoulder, I was eating chocolate cluster candies that I had bought and stashed in my coat pocket.

The sky darkened ominously.  Thunder was heard in the distance.  The air felt electric. A storm was more than brewing.

It occurred to me to think – what if I was struck by lightning and died on my way home?  What would people think of me?  They would see a gray haired lady sprawled on the concrete (“oooh, too bad!”)   They would find two kinds of face creams in my green cloth shopping bag (“environmentally conscious, trying to push back aging”).  They would discover that I had eaten a gazillion Kcal of candies that should have been meted out over days (“why was she so greedy?”)  They would find my slim plan book, dirty plastic lunch containers, and ungraded sets of student papers (“she led such a simple life.”)

Needless to say I lived to see another day.  Good thing.  I have a little more time to make a mark in life.  And to work off those chocolates.  Hmmm.  Maybe, maybe not.



7 thoughts on “Flight of Fancy

  1. What an existential slice! I’ve pondered this question a few times: when my house is a disaster and when I’ve gone out with what my grandmother might consider “questionable undergarments”! Haaaa! Glad you survived that ominous storm and lived to ponder more existential questions!


  2. This is an adorable post! With each thought I laughed harder. Such a pleasant read on a Friday afternoon! I love this idea for a writing prompt. May your weekend be full of even more chocolate candies.

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  3. Your photo definitely adds to the mood! Such crazy clouds! I’ll admit to often having very similar thoughts, usually when walking places on my own. Not in a macabre way, I think the mind just has a way of pondering mortality when left to its own devices…


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