Crraazzzy Teachers

So, I wonder how many of my SOL pieces this March will start with, “I am writing to explain how I am too tired to write…”

I just got home from a work-gathering with some wonderful but crazy colleagues.  We are an Earth Day committee at our school.  We plan for every grade at our school to take a field trip on or near Earth Day.  Some are to natural spaces, some are service projects.  This year we got even more involved…

We chose a hummingbird as our theme, from the fable of the hummingbird and the forest fire, also told in this famous video: The hummingbird, bringing water to the fire one beakful at a time, is asked what it is doing by the forest animals.  The little bird replies, “I am doing all that I can.”

So then, we wanted each child to have something with a hummingbird on it.  We tossed around some ideas and ended with the brilliant folly we were working on tonight:  We solicited old sheets be donated to our school.  We are cutting them into about 20 by 20 inch squares.  We are block printing a hummingbird on each piece.  The students at our school will then be able to embellish their hummingbird further by adding more colors with permanent markers.  The fabric squares can be a kerchief, a bandana, and ultimately a reusable napkin.  Great idea, huh?!

Did I mention there are 735 children in our school?!

So tonight, after wine and cheese, guacamole and veggies and chips, we got to work.  Five of us worked steadily for four hours.  We have made about 45 squares so far.

What do you think?  Crazy, right?  But you know- I have no doubt that we will get it done.  And that half of them (or more) will end up in the family’s trash can.  But a point will be made, and it won’t be lost on everyone.  Some small changes will occur.  Hummingbird-sized changes, accumulating.



3 thoughts on “Crraazzzy Teachers

  1. This post screams “Janney”!!! I did not know the hummingbird story and loved the video link. Thanks for including it. And I shared your post with my school leaders. It feels like we have been given a building that is helping us to do the best we can but now it feels like we have added responsibilities to spread the sustainability message. And with a new school, we are in need of an Earth Day tradition!! I love the hummingbird image…not sure about the handkerchief making! But I know your Janney crew will have fun and WILL be ready for Earth Day. Thanks for getting me to be thinking of my own celebration.


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