I’m sort of taking a pass here.  I need to write early and quickly because I am hosting a retirement party for a friend tonight.  I need to shower, clean, and finish the set up and cooking for 35 people.

But let me put out a paean of praise for forgiveness.  Because one could look at our party tonight as a celebration of forgiveness.  Or how far the gift of forgiveness can take you.

Let me be clear.  It was me, and my husband, that needed to be forgiven

Our retiree, our guest of honor, our friend we are throwing the party for, is the woman my husband gave up for me.  Thirty five years ago.

And that was truly a miserable thing.  I never wanted to break up a couple.  He never wanted to hurt her.  She never wanted to feel that way.  And in fact, that hurt lasted for a long time.  She moved far away, years later moved back.  She had relationships but never married.  After almost two decades we started to see each other occasionally, having many mutual friends.  Gradually it became more normal.  We often host gatherings of friends and she started to co
me.  Until we were having Christmas dinners together, and until she even travelled to attend our daughter’s wedding.

So now it feels right and natural to have this party for our dear, gracious, warm, wry and funny very good friend.  But as I think about it I realize- people will be in our home that hated us for hurting her long ago.  But I know, the forgiveness with which she has so generously showered us will carry the day.



6 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. This is extremely powerful and poignant. I love your line, But I know, the forgiveness with which she has so generously showered us will carry the day. I wish you a wonderful event. You did not take a pass. You wrote something important to share today.

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  2. I’m with Aileenhower, you didn’t take a pass. You sliced about forgiveness – how she graciously gave it and how you graciously accepted it, knowing it wouldn’t always be easy. Enjoy your day!


  3. You wrote about something important. You couldn’t done a one-liner about how you’re busy and hosting, but you went deep and that is wonderful. I hope the retirement party was everything you hoped it would be, and more.

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