chalkboard_quotes_twainMany of you writing friends from afar will be writing this month of March, about writing.  I however am not a writing teacher any longer.  I am a science teacher who loves and cares about writing.  So I am going to permit myself two posts this month to be about writing- this first, and most likely my last, on March 31.  This first one is going to be a few thoughts on my hopes and goals for this Slice of Life writing challenge, my second year of participation.

I know I will write some about family, pets, and students.  They are in my thoughts and sights each day.  But I also want to write about the natural world, and what I gain from being alert to its changes.

I know I will write memoir, prose, my default.  But I also want to write poetry, lists, recipes, maybe a short script, a song, maybe something that breaks rules, maybe something like a sonnet that follows rules.

I want to write to make you- my patient readers-laugh.  I also want to make you tear up.

I want to be less of a bossypants know-it-all writer and more of an explorer, tentative, scared yet bold writer.

Because I want to grow.  And because I trust you.

So thank you, and here goes.

10 thoughts on “NEW SLICE OF LIFE! 2016

  1. At what point of the evening does one hit the panic button, drop everything, because he/she has to get a slice online…I was a little worried that I wouldn’t get to it on the first day! Glad to see yours appeared after mine and that I wasn’t the only one cutting it close.


  2. Fran
    So glad you are revved up and ready to write!!! I so look forward to reading your writing with a lens on the natural world!!


  3. Hello friend I’ve not yet met. I also look forward to being part of your community this month. I remember some lovely exchanges we had last year. If I weren’t a reading teacher, I might be a naturalist. I’ve always enjoyed knowing the names of flowers, trees, birds, and animals. Here we go!


  4. I like the fact that you already have something of a vision for your month’s writing, and thank you for prompting me to consider writing in a variety of genres and forms. I look forward to what you have to share in the next 30 days.


  5. I’m looking forward to all the formats and styles you mention plus the added element of the natural world. I love looking at nature and discovering new things. So let’s have fun this month!


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