How We Talk (second version-the first posting was missing an opening sentence)

As I rounded the grocery aisle by the milk and eggs I heard a vehement voice from the other end, “That f***ing b**ch, she can’t do that to me, stupid fat b***ch.”

I looked up at the speaker at the other end of the aisle, a woman, nicely dressed, speaking into a blue tooth receiver by her ear.  I wondered if I should say something to her, along the lines of, “please remember this is a public place and there are children here…” when she approached me, pulling the ear-buds out of her ears.  She came right up to me with a slight smile and starts to explain.  “That’s my seventeen year old, still in bed, lazy b***ch.

Oh my gosh- she’s talking about her daughter!  It sounded to me like talking about the woman your man cheated on you with.

The lady must have gathered I was of a similar age with older children or maybe she just needed to talk.  She went on and on; “The way she talks to me, that no-count- she can’t say anything to me. I had to ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no ma’am’ my stepmother and I hated the b***ch. Her stuff is all over her room, and my friend offered us this nice dresser.  Twelve drawers, big mirror on top.  She says ,’I don’t want it.’  I say, ‘You’ll take that thing and you’ll…’   I work, and she’s in the bed until 3, sleeping all hours of the day and night, lazy fat b***.  I tell her, ‘You better get up outa the bed and get yourself a f***ing JOB  or I’m gonna kick your ass outa this house, I tell you I will.”

Now, I am thinking, I had this same conversation recently with a friend, only it was much more comfortable.  No name-calling. In fact, I think, I don’t know a mother of an adult child who hasn’t felt this way.  I want to tell this stranger in the grocery store that this is nothing new, it’s absolutely normal and they both just have to get through it with love.  What I say to this mother is, “She needs to get a job. You need to help her find a job, so she has a reason to get up and out.  Do you know anyone who can help her get a job?”

So she can get out of the house.  For both their sakes.


4 thoughts on “How We Talk (second version-the first posting was missing an opening sentence)

  1. Yes…that missing 1st sentence does SO much to show the character!!

    Glad you reported so I could read the full story.

    And knowing you, the kindest,most mild manner lovely person…reading this story is so much more riveting. I REALLY love the ending.

    Sadly this is a slice of life and not a scene from a made up movie or from a soap opera drama. I really hope the daughter can get a job.

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  2. Wow I just love this! I think this small moment might have several endings.. It certainly could turn this nugget in several different directions. Your opening is powerful! No one is able to turn away from that lead!

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  3. Yikes! I don’t know how I would have handled such a conversation, but you are totally right. You found the universal truths in the woman’s words. Love your lead lines and your conclusion!


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