Skyping with Jonah

My husband is good at initiating Skype sessions with our daughter, son-in-law, and one-year old grandson Jonah.  Probably because Michael misses Jonah like a spring breeze.  Jonah, being a modern baby, is familiar with engaging with grandma and grandpa through a laptop screen and only occasionally turns us off.

So, they just moved into a new apartment and we got the laptop-circling –the-rooms- tour.  We saw Jonah’s hidey-holes; behind a pillar (where he likes to bang on the glass window on the 15th floor- yikes) and under an end table.  We got to see his laughing face zooming in close to ours, new teeth showing.  He had just eaten the biggest lunch ever- six eggs himself- and we saw him lounging back on the sofa pillows, belly replete, like a middle aged man.  We got to see him slide down, pull books off a shelf, patter around in his stripey socks, show us his toys.  He brought a book to the screen and it killed me to not be able to sit him on my lap right then and read it!

When we went to say goodbye he mistook it for a trip with Mommy to the laundry room.  So the next thing we see is him lugging a laundry bag to the front door, ready to go.  His parents hauled him back to the screen for goodbye waves and kisses which he hasn’t mastered yet.  We’ll keep practicing.

But hello hugs in person are more my thing!


8 thoughts on “Skyping with Jonah

  1. What a sweet post, filled with love for your beautiful grandchild. So many well-crafted lines jumped out at me. “Probably because Michael misses Jonah like a spring breeze. ” “…we saw him lounging back on the sofa pillows, belly replete, like a middle aged man.” Thanks for sharing and I hope that you get a “hello hug” in person soon!


  2. My granddaughter is only three months old, but I know we will be the grandparents in the screen soon enough since we are 1,500 miles away. It kills me not to be there in person. Thanks for this glimpse into our future.


  3. It’s so hard to be far away, isn’t it? I live the other side of this battle – thank goodness we have Skype at least! Love the image of him toting that little laundry bag around!


  4. I live for my happy hour glass of wine with my mom every Sunday evening, but it isn’t the hug I crave. What a sweet post. Prayers for thousands of non-virtual hugs in the future.


  5. So nice to have Skype. My parents missed a lot of my kids’ growing up because they lived so far away. It really helps to keep the connection between you strong. This is a sweet portrait of your grandson!


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