Simple Pleasures #2

Simple Pleasures #2

  • Walking, heard honking and looked up to see a “v” of geese flying overhead.
  • Finally took out the compost collected.
  • Also cleared out the vegetable bins in the fridge.
  • Also took the biggest pair of boots away from the front door.
  • And made a potato and egg salad with dill.
  • Wore a floaty scarf with magenta, turquoise, lavender and olive.
  • Saw the Lenten Rose flowers shyly ducking their white flowery heads.
  • Also green shoots here and there, some thin, some fat.
  • Squish, squish- the children are mud drunk.
  • Walking down the alley, hear voices behind fences.
  • Also coming through curtains at an open upstairs window.
  • And hundreds of unseen birds clamoring in a thick green hedge.

2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures #2

  1. Thank, Jackie!
    I also believe in pulling the “gems” out.
    I might take the mud drunk and expand on it 🙂
    Didn’t e e cummings have a phrase “puddle-licious”? something like that…


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