Simple Pleasures #1

One advantage of getting older that no one talks about is that it is easier to get up in the morning.  I no longer hit snooze four times and long for the bed.  More likely I am wakeful before the alarm and turn it off prematurely.  What a pleasure to wake by yourself.

And then I have a little time to myself for what has become my morning ritual.  I will skip the body-maintenance details- you’re welcome!  But I love my morning time when I put on clogs to make a quick walk out the front sidewalk to get my newspaper (another hint to my age, that I still read a paper paper.)  I take my tea and oatmeal bowl (hot fruit and brown sugar under the oatmeal) and set them on the radiator by my reading chair. I turn on the lamp to create a corner of light in a still dim house.  I curl up with a soft blanket on my lap, mug and bowl at hand, and enjoy the paper.  In this order: weather, headlines, comics, advice columns (saved for last, like desert!) and then anything else if I have more time.

Sometime while I am curled up reading and sipping, my cat Maddie will arrive.  Ancient and fat, she can still bound up beside me on the armchair.  She slowly walks around the arm of the chair, navigating her angles, until she settles in my lap.  Her hefty, warm body almost pins my arms- I have to struggle to turn the newspaper pages.  I try not to rustle them- don’t want to disturb the cat!  I stroke her silky body and feel her deep purring, as I imagine she might feel my heartbeat and the warm breakfast in my belly.

I am grateful for this simple pleasure before I set out in the cold to my work day.


4 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures #1

  1. This post makes me happy by enjoying your morning time. The structure of your piece makes me feel as if you are writing this piece curled up in your chair eating your oatmeal.


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